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Our Programs

Preschool Music Class

Our music programs for preschoolers fostering not only an appreciation for music but also enhancing various developmental areas such as motor skills, language, and social skills. Our music classes include singing simple songs​, exploring musical instruments​, movement and Dance​, musical games​, and more!

Group music lessons, with a student-teacher ratio of 6:1, offer a cost-effective and social learning environment, ideal for beginners and those who thrive in group settings. These classes encourage peer learning, teamwork, and provide diverse musical exposure.

Piano Class, Piano Lesson

At our music academy, we're passionate about fostering a love for music in children of all ages. Our summer camp offers a unique opportunity for kids to explore a wide range of musical instruments and genres, from the soothing strings of violins and cellos to the vibrant beats of the drum set, and the melodious harmonies of woodwinds.

Voice Class
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