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Music Summer Camp 2024
@Allen, TX

Orchestra Conductor on Stage
Summer Camp

Music Summer Camp 2024


  • Lunch and snack included

  • Music instrument exploration

  • Ensemble Class

  • Private practice room

  • Vocal and Ear Training

  • Music Theory

  • Music History

  • ​Song writing, or composition

2 weeks/session

Time: 8 am-3 pm,

late pick up available till 5 pm

$660/session (2 weeks)

Late Pick Up + $165/session (2 weeks)

A Bit About Our Camp

At our music academy, we're passionate about fostering a love for music in children of all ages. Our summer camp offers a unique opportunity for kids to explore a wide range of musical instruments and genres, from the soothing strings of violins and cellos to the vibrant beats of the drum set, and the melodious harmonies of woodwinds.

Our sessions are themed around different music styles, including Jazz and Blues, Classical, Game and Movie Music, and Rock & Roll, ensuring an engaging and educational experience.

  • Session 1: 06/03 to 06/14,

  • Session 2: 06/17 to 06/28,

  • Session 3: 07/08 to 07/19, 

  • Session 4: 07/22 to 08/02.

Camp Highlight!


Lunch and Snack

Our music camp provides nutritious lunches and snacks to keep our young musicians energized and ready for a day full of creativity and learning. Catering to various tastes and dietary needs, our meals are designed to fuel the fun and focus required for mastering instruments and playing in ensembles, ensuring every camper stays nourished and happy throughout the camp day.


Instrument Exploration

Our first week includes a day for string instruments (violin and cello), a day for the piano, one for the guitar and ukulele, another for the drum set and other percussion instruments, and a day dedicated to woodwinds (flute, saxophone, and clarinet).

Music Class

Ensemble Class

Through guided rehearsals and expert instruction, students learn the art of listening, timing, and expression, culminating in performances that celebrate their shared musical journey. Whether a beginner or an advanced player, each student finds their place in the ensemble, contributing to a vibrant, collaborative musical experience.

Piano Room

Private Practice Room

Our private practice rooms offer a dedicated space for focused skill development, with practice times tailored to match each camper's performance level and concentration ability. In these acoustically designed rooms, campers can immerse themselves in practice, honing their technique and repertoire efficiently.

Choir Class

Vocal & Ear Training

Students engage in exercises to improve pitch accuracy, rhythm, and harmony, boosting their capacity to harmonize and recognize musical nuances. This foundational class is ideal for anyone aiming to enhance their vocal performance and deepen their musical understanding, setting the stage for a comprehensive musical journey.

Music Theory Class

Music Theory

From basic notation to advanced harmonies, this course enhances musical literacy and understanding. Through interactive lessons, students grasp key concepts, enabling them to appreciate and engage with music on a deeper level, setting a strong foundation for further musical exploration.

Music Composition Class

Music History

Our music history class guides students through the pivotal moments and figures in music's evolution. Through stories and listening exercises, it connects past innovations to modern genres, deepening their appreciation and understanding of music across eras.

Rest assured, our curriculum will be enjoyable and tailored to suit different ages.

Song Writing Class

Song Writing or Composition

Our songwriting and composition class equips students with the skills to create their own music, from melodies and lyrics to harmonies. Through exploring various styles and techniques, participants learn to express their unique musical ideas, guided by expert instruction and collaborative exercises.

Leather Headphones

Music Appreciation

Our music appreciation class invites students to explore and enjoy a wide range of music genres, enhancing their understanding of music's diverse forms and its cultural significance. Through active listening, critical discussions, and exploratory activities, participants deepen their appreciation for music's intricate details and its impact on society and individual expression.

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