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Sherry Wang


Sherry Wang, a native of Taiwan, discovered her passion for music at
an early age, tinkering on a toy piano before diving into formal piano
lessons at the age of 5. With years of dedicated practice and a
boundless love for the instrument, she has blossomed into a
passionate piano instructor.
As an instructor, Sherry blends her profound love for music with a
commitment to nurturing the talents of budding pianists. Her
teaching philosophy is rooted in warmth, patience, and unwavering
encouragement. Understanding the challenges in learning an
instrument, she creates a supportive and nurturing environment
where students feel encouraged to explore their musical creativity
and express themselves through the piano.
Sherry imparts her expertise in piano and music theory to students
of all ages and proficiency levels, guiding them toward excellence in
competitions, examinations, and performances. Whether you're a
novice setting foot on your musical journey or a seasoned player
honing your craft, Sherry invites you to discover the joy and
fulfillment of piano playing in a supportive and enriching learning

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