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Hua Huang, Cello Teacher

Hua Huang


Hua Huang's exceptional journey as a cellist began at age 6. His early talent led him to study at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, followed by the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California. He further honed his skills at the Meadows School of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he completed his undergraduate studies.

Hua's career as a chamber musician and soloist is marked by collaborations with notable musicians such as Andres Cardenes, Paul Neubauer, Emanuel Borok, and Wei Lu. He has performed with Andres Diaz, Chad Hoopes, the Escher Quartet, the Viano Quartet, and members of the LA Philharmonic and Dallas Symphony Orchestra, showcasing his versatility and technical prowess.

Now, Hua is set to advance his career by pursuing a Performer’s Diploma at Southern Methodist University under the guidance of Andres Diaz. This new phase in his education is a testament to his dedication to mastering the cello and his commitment to artistic growth in the classical music world.

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