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Beige Cowell Headshot.jpeg

Beige Cowell

Saxophone & Composition

Beige Morgon Cowell, a distinguished baritone saxophonist and composer, excels in a range of musical styles, including American jazz, musical theatre, Scandinavian folk, neoclassical, and modern contemporary genres. With a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a minor in English Creative Writing from the University of North Texas, Cowell has demonstrated their versatility and commitment to their craft.

Their involvement in professional organizations such as the International Alliance of Women Composers and the BMI Performance Rights Organization, coupled with their role as a McNair Scholar, highlights their dedication to both personal growth and contributing to the broader music community. Cowell's teaching and assistant roles at the University of North Texas and their participation in significant projects, like Shara Nova's Infinite Movement, underline their commitment to education and collaboration.

Cowell's academic achievements are matched by their organizational service and advocacy work, notably within the UNT Student Government Association, where they have made significant strides in promoting inclusivity and fairness. Their co-founding of the UNT Women and Queer People's Music Collective and leadership in the UNT Composer's Forum further exemplify their drive to create supportive spaces for marginalized voices in music.

Their extensive list of compositions and performances, from "VoiceMemos" dedicated to Samantha Taylor Cowell to "Klar bäck" featured in the North Texas Review Fine Arts Journal, showcases Cowell's prolific output and diversity in musical expression. Their research on Galdr in Viking Scandinavia reflects a deep engagement with music history and cultural studies, enriching their creative output with a scholarly foundation.

Cowell's contributions to music and community are further recognized through awards and honors, such as the US Fulbright Study Research award for Sweden, demonstrating their global perspective and aspirations. Through their artistic endeavors, advocacy, and academic pursuits, Beige Cowell stands as a dynamic and influential figure in contemporary music, embodying the spirit of innovation and inclusivity.

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