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Semi-Private Lesson

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Join our special shared private lessons, designed for beginners who want to learn alongside a friend or sibling. These lessons offer a unique opportunity for students to bond over music while receiving personalized instruction. Shared lessons are suitable for beginners because the teacher can explain concepts once, benefiting both students simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose a convenient time that fits both students' schedules. We offer a variety of time slots to accommodate your busy lives.

  • Personalized Instruction: Each lesson is tailored to the needs and goals of both students, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Collaborative Learning: Learning with a friend or sibling can enhance motivation and make the process more enjoyable. Students can practice together, share their progress, and support each other.

  • Experienced Teachers: Our instructors are skilled in managing shared lessons, ensuring that each student receives individual attention and guidance.

  • Supportive Environment: We create a positive and encouraging atmosphere where students feel comfortable to explore and grow their musical talents.


  • Age and Skill Level:

    • Suitable for beginners.

    • Participants should be within a similar age range for the best learning experience.

  • Pairing:

    • Lessons are designed for two students who know each other (e.g., friends or siblings).

    • Both students must enroll together.

  • Commitment:

    • Enrollment for the full 10-week session.

    • Regular attendance is required to ensure steady progress.

  • Scheduling:

    • Flexible scheduling available, but both students must agree on a common time slot.

    • Rescheduling requires agreement from both students and advance notice.

  • Materials:

    • Students must have their own instruments.

    • Required books and materials must be purchased prior to the 2nd lesson.

  • Parent/Guardian Involvement:

    • For younger students, a parent or guardian should be available for communication and support.

  • Practice:

    • Students should commit to regular practice outside of lessons to maximize their progress.

    • Practice schedules will be provided by the instructor.

  • Behavior:

    • Positive and respectful behavior is expected during lessons.

    • Students should be prepared and on time for each lesson.

  • Communication:

    • Open communication with the instructor for any issues, concerns, or questions.


Sign up today to reserve your spot in our 10-week shared private lessons. Experience the joy of making music together and start your musical journey with the support of a friend or sibling.

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